Nuffnang is Coming to Cebu!

With a grand aim to make their mark on the growing social media scene in Metro Cebu, Nuffnang Philippines will party hard with bloggers this Saturday at Redbox from 1:30 – 4:30 PM.

How to score invites?

Well, you just have to write a blog post announcing Nuffnang’s highly anticipated invasion and answer this question (you got a few hours til a herald announces the lucky party-goers):

Where will you take the Nuffnang peeps when they get here?

Me? Easy. Our home. Because after you’ve visited all the historical places, eaten the fanciest delicacies and met the most gorgeous people on Earth, you just want to share that experience with a friend. And our home has been a sort of friend to me – shielding me from harm, giving me comfort and inspiring me when I’m down. It’s a representative of the love that Cebu has to offer. And Cebu is like a bigger version of our home. So anywhere is a great place to just be and be happy. 😀

Well, enough about me. Go on now and write your own post so we can party together on Saturday. My new friends Jeemah and Vernon are just among those who sent their entries na:

Maybe they’re like me who can’t wait to win stuff from the following sponsors:

The blog advertising dragon of Asia Pacific surely knows how to throw a fete worthy of a blogging king (or queen. My feminist voice just won’t be ignored. :D) Woohoo! 😉

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