An Oh-So-Cute Cover for My Kindle Touch

The next best thing to having a device is a cool accessory that best spells y-o-u. When I got Ziva, my kindle touch (thanks again, Molly), I searched high and low for the perfect case for it. And destiny didn’t disappoint. I found Dana of danaswove on who makes really cute cases for ebook readers. She even customizes stuff for people who want something extra. So of course, I have to have one customized according to what I’ve been yearning.

Above photo shows the design I drafted together with my dream case which came true in brilliant shades of orange, pink and gray. It felt wonderful to have an idea come to life. You bet I hurrah-ed the day I got it (took about 4 weeks for the case to arrive here from the US).

The sets of kindle case + coffee cozy I ordered. Dana sells reversible cozies with Insulbright lining underneath at $5 each.

My coffee cozy in gray chevron. I know, I know. I don’t drink coffee (coz I get palpitations when I to me..hehe) but I have to have one. My way of being green when it comes to taking cold drinks and instead of using paper cup sleeves; I could just whip out my own cozy. One less tree dying the way I see it (and okay, the cozy was just too cute to pass up..hehe).

A peek at my case. Dana had them wrapped in soft paper before sealing them in a USPS mailing envelope.

Lo and behold!

Just. So. Darn. Cute. I love my design (today is a day of tooting one’s horn so please bear with me..hehe).

Opening the case *drum roll*.

Dana’s business card tucked inside the case.

A page from A Game of Thrones, the first book in A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin. The Dude liked the show so much he was starting to call me “My Lady” which was really sweet *blush* although disconcerting at first. Hehe. I couldn’t rely on just the show though; I had to read up to get a better grasp of things because admittedly, the series is a big production that you’d be lost without a handy guide. I love Martin’s work but it’s too heavy sometimes that I have to alternate watching the show with some comic relief from The Big Bang Theory (I heart you, Sheldon).

Ziva (as in Ziva David of NCIS – the show which The Dude introduced me to more than a year ago) in place. I like how there’s a space at the bottom for the micro-USB cable and a headphone jack to insiert into the kindle’s respective ports.

Reading the kindle on one hand. I’m right-handed but with how the Kindle Touch is designed, it’s more comfortable holding it with my left (though in hindsight, I’ve been holding it with my left ever since I borrowed my friend’s kindle). And yeah, I miss the physical page turn buttons so Amazon, please, please, bring them back (without making the device bulky, of course. I know you can do it. The only question is, “Would you?” :D)

Yet another page from A Game of Thrones.

Kindle + handy cozy = reader’s bliss.

Actually, the cozy would not fit perfectly into the pocket that way as it will create an unnecessary bulk. So I just insert the cozy into the bigger pocket (the pink part).

The bigger pocket is originally meant as a more secure compartment for the kindle especially when you’re traveling. However, the four bands in what I’d call the “reading area” is secure enough when logging the kindle around provided you keep the case fully closed.

A closer view of the case; I resisted in giving it a name…for now. But I might if I get another. šŸ˜€

Back view of the pretty case. Don’t you just love the ruffles?

Because it’s so darn cute, you can carry it like a purse and no one has to know that it actually holds a library of possibilities. However, one should refrain from bringing it out and about as evil elements might prey upon it. Just saying. šŸ˜€

My coffee cozy spending some moments with my Thor tumbler which my sis got for me during the height of the Avengers craze. Too bad, after watching the movie, I was starting to feel a certain kind of affection for Dr. Bruce Banner. Sorry, Thor. No hard feelings. Mark Ruffalo just did a splendid job “humanizing” the green man on screen that people were able to relate better to him as compared to Ed Norton’s or Eric Bana’s performances not that I’m saying the latter did worse. I just think Ruffalo gave The Hulk a mass market appeal that was missing from the first two Hulk movies (Hello, Marvel. How about one more try for The Hulk franchise?)

Fits to a T.

The reverse side of the cozy in bright pink.

Dana Designs business card.

Cover of Amy Patricia Meade’s “Million Dollar Baby” – the first book in the Marjorie McClelland Mystery Series.

My old (red bejeweled purse) + new (Dana’s case) kindle covers. I had to make do with the purse before I got Dana’s case, but of course, still in style. šŸ˜‰

The pink leopard print case + cozy I got for my friend. I also designed this one and I’m quite pleased with the results (too bad I couldn’t open the paper tissue so I could take a peek..hehe)

So there, friends. If you’re looking for a cute and durable case for your ebook readers and other gadgets, don’t hesitate to visit Dana Designs on When you do, your case would be just as cute as you are or as you want it to be. I testify that the case I got was made of really good quality notwithstanding its being a “soft cover” (read: made from soft materials like fabrics and quite a thick, thereby “strong”, interfacing). I was super happy with Dana’s work that in fact, I designed some more covers for her to try. Who knows? You might find those designs on her shop in the next few months when she gets around to playing with them (I understand she’s quite swamped with orders most of the time). The ones she stocks are actually pretty gorgeous themselves that you’d probably run into some trouble picking out the best of the lot as they’re all that adorable. šŸ˜€

Thanks for taking your time reading this long post as I enjoyed writing this one, if that’s not obvious yet. ^_^

All images are copyrighted by this blogger, 2012.


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