Author Interview: Molly Snow

Hi, friends! It’s Day 3 of the Royally BeSwitched Blog Tour.

On the 15th, Heather of Buried in Books posted her review of Royally BeSwitched.
Yesterday, there was a guest post + giveaway in Buried in Books, plus, an interview of the author done by Mai on Second Bookshelf on the Right.

Today, we have the affable and delightful Author Molly Snow for an interview. Are you excited as I am to get to know her more? Well then, I shan’t keep you waiting. Ta-daa!

Author Molly Snow


Thinking back, a few things inspired me.

  1. My mom was always writing and she eventually landed an agent when I was twelve or thirteen years old.
  2. In elementary, there was Young Authors Week where a children’s author would visit and give assembly presentations; I loved those.
  3. And, of course, I loved to read, especially Nancy Drew. All of those influences together gave me the writing bug.
    Ooh, I love Nancy Drew and her band of detective friends, too.

I have finally formulated a routine for myself. Having twin toddlers can be tough, but then there are women who have many more children than me to work with. So, right when I get up I now make my bed, get ready from head to toe and pray, followed by cleaning and eating and playing with the kids. Then it is time for me to get on the computer and work while the tots are playing with each other, until I work more on my cleaning and cooking schedule. Once my husband comes home, we may watch a sitcom together or I will be reading or writing some more. I have to say, the writing is not just work to me, but an obsession.

Okay, here’s something interesting about me as a reader and writer—I have never reread a book (unless you count my own, for different reasons). The day I reread a book, I know it will be my favorite. I also consider myself spiritual, so I read scriptures daily, but I take this question to mean in the realm of fiction what my favorites are.

I entered something in the 5th grade called The Reading Olympics. Whoever read the most books in three weeks could have lunch with an author. I did more than read late under my covers; I brought my books into the bathroom with me and at the dinner table! My passion has been the art of writing in general. So, stack reading books with meeting an author and those were the two keys to have me go nutty with books.

Having a paperback in your hands can be nostalgic, but ever since I got an iPad, I can’t help but favor ebooks. I just don’t want to tote around hundreds of books in boxes and bookcases. I need less clutter and more space. So, ebooks are wonderful. It’s like storing endless songs on your iPod versus having stacks and stacks of CDs in your room. I also make more sales through my ebooks than paperbacks.

I have an iPad, but it is shared with my husband. There was no personal choice in the matter; he is the techie one and found the deal on the latest version. I enjoy it, but I hear Kindles are easier to read in sunshine.
Yup, I so do know how fab kindles are. Thanks to you, Molly, I got one. 😀

I spend a ton of time reading and writing, but I have to say the writing outweighs the reading. If I can count publishing forums as reading time, then it may be more equalized 🙂

Once I have a basic outline laid out for my story, I like to plunk myself down in front of the computer and just make myself write, whether I think I have a block in my thoughts or not. It is surprising how much creativity is stored inside my little brain in spite of Writer’s Block threatening me. That’s what it mostly is: threats. Writer’s Block is about fear, if you already have an idea of where the story is headed. I push past it and let myself let loose.

I have no option like that since I am married to a husband who works and goes to school, as well as mothering twin tots. I have accustomed myself to get in “The Zone” amidst constant noise and distractions.

I’d love to answer this question. First, like with any art form, if someone were to give unflattering comments about a writer’s work it can hurt and I can understand. At the same time, however, putting yourself out there publicly means you need to be okay with consequences and be graceful about it.

Honestly, I would rather have people totally polarized with their opinions on my books. If I expect to have crazy happy fans, then I need to expect there will be those with opposite personalities who will puke at my stories. My favorite band of all time, Hanson, has people who absolutely love them (like want to have their babies) and those who detest them. The polarizing spectrum is really fascinating to me, and it also gives me courage to be extra silly in a scene if I feel like it, because I am rolling on the floor with laughter and I know others will too. Some will cringe at some of my bad jokes (it’s bound to happen!), but I’m willing to take that risk, to weed out the tares from the wheat of a fanbase. If I can’t take risks to be myself through-and-through in my work, then I lose the reward of a fanbase I am truly connected with. And I have received a DNF and a couple 2 stars on Goodreads so far. There’s bound to be more to come, to which I now say, “Bring it on!” heheheh

So, to those authors who don’t like it when people hate their stuff, I have a different perspective for them to think on. The more passionately someone may hate a book, the more passionately others will love it. Twilight is an ultimate example.

Event planning. I love creating fun. I love being an entrepreneur.

Learn as much as you can about the craft. Immerse yourself in studying sentence structure rules and the keys to compelling fiction. Once you have a solid foundation, then have fun! Truly have fun, because your imagination is your only limit.


The BeSwitched Series by Molly Snow: BeSwitched, BeSwitched Witch and Royally BeSwitched.
You can get the books here in various formats:

There’s only so many “switch and go to high school” plots that can be done. I’ve decided that number is 2! hahah. Who else could be a lonely soul that needs switching to save them? Maybe an orphan girl or a peasant? While I was writing BeSwitched Witch, I realized there is a whole backstory to Surla’s crush, Jax Morreau’s family. I went with it with full passion, getting into his royal lineage and the story of his predecessors, a peasant and a prince falling in love.

I am working on a book 4 right now and what I can say is there is even more to learn about Surla’s position and her destiny. She is someone who loves the best of both worlds, being a cat and a being a human girl.

Maybe I would switch with a rock star just so I could experience performing songs to thousands of people on stage. I am not musically inclined. I can’t play any instruments, but man would it be fun to know how to wail on a guitar and sing live. Maybe I can switch with Adam Lambert… LOL… only, he doesn’t play guitar, darn it.

This question made me laugh. He’s just a mixture of things I find attractive in guys. I like hair that’s a bit longer, nice jaw lines, deep eyes, good physique (not thin, not too muscular). And he is thoughtful and passionate in his choices.

The witchcraft in my stories is pure fantasy. The witches in my stories are to be taken like witches in The Wizard of Oz or Snow White — the magic is just part of the fictional fun, even if some things coincide with some peoples’ actual beliefs.

I feel I have grown a relationship with the characters. Royally BeSwitched’s setting was fun to work with. I liked dealing with two handsome male leads, Jax and his predecessor, Prince Nicolas.
Yup! They were such dreamboats. 😀

In the next book, book 4, the main conflict will be with Surla going back to the future, things being a bit different and a conspiracy against the grand inauguration of Jax as The Centennial King. I’ve already written more than half of it and I am on a roll 🙂
Concerning Middle Grade Fiction, that’s an interesting question, because there are some who categorize my work as Middle Grade, even though I had always had a sixteen-year-old reader in my mind for the audience…. Maybe I am just really silly with some of my scenes and it brings some youthful vibes. I wouldn’t be interested in writing anything for a younger target market [though]. I love writing about mid-late teen main characters 🙂

So there you have it, folks. Molly Snow up close and personal. Thank you so much, Molly, for agreeing to this interview. It’s really such an honor to being chummy with a cool author and a great person at the same time.

Should you have more questions about her or the ever growing BeSwitched Series, please follow her on:
Her Blog
Corporate Website

But please, no stalking. She has to write more books you know for us her readers and doesn’t have all the time in the world to answer all our queries. But maybe we can “annoy” her least once a day or even twice. 😀

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