Review: Kindle Touch (Part 1)

Let me begin by saying another round of “thank you’s” to Molly Snow for this unexpected (but greatly welcomed) windfall. I hope my previous post conveyed my gratitude. 😀
This review has been divided into several parts which I’m going to be posting once a day so that’s 6 days of everything you wanted to know about having an ebook reader particularly a kindle touch. Now on to my review.


Kindle devices now come in “frustration-free” packaging as guaranteed by Amazon. You only have to detach the tab, pull out the inner box and voila!

You’ll see your Kindle nestled in a semi- hard white plastic that’s meant to cushion it from bumps and shakes. As you lift the Kindle, you’ll notice the USB cable they included which is cradled in a small compartment just beneath it. I think the whole thing’s just pure genius.

No messy plastics or extra paper to clutter your desk or the environment. Mother Earth is sure to be happy with this arrangement, too.

Please tune in tomorrow for Part 2 of my extensive Kindle Touch review. 😉

Images © The Traveling Reader, 2012.


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