Review: Moonleaf Tea Shop Cebu

I already had plans gracing the soft opening of Moonleaf Tea Shop after I posted about it last week here. I’m new to the milk/bubble tea phenomenon and rather curious about it so I told myself “Why not?“.

The store is located along Pelaez Ext. across the basketball court adjacent to Bangko Sentral Cebu. For the college crowd going to USC Main or Cebu Normal University, the Moonleaf Tea Shop is a welcome break from the local carenderia and eateries. It’s clean, cozy and air-conditioned. As you go inside, you’d be greeted by friendly faces – staff and patrons alike – so you’re sure to have a good time.

As it was my first time to order milk tea, I was quite apprehensive about what flavor to try. I didn’t want to end up with something I’d hate thereby affecting my opinion of the store. Finally, I settled on a fruit-based variant – a Lychee Jasmine Tea – a light refreshing concoction that ultimately set the bar for future milk tea flavors I’d try. (Actually, no surprise there as I’m a fan of all things lychee. :D) The tea was not too strong to overpower its lychee-ness, yet it wasn’t too weak either not to make a favorable impression. Overall, it was just right for a budding milk tea enthusiast like me.

Now here comes the best part: Moonleaf’s offerings are just darn affordable. The teas range from Php 45 to Php 85 depending on the flavor. And they all come in tall/grande glasses (as in!). So it’s super sulit to have one while waiting for your friends on the way to your next gimik or even as you’re hitting the books before a major exam. Add Php 10 and you can have your choice of add-ons (pudding, nata, pearls or milk) for a more festive tea indulgence. Bonding with friends over milk teas could become weekly rituals even on a tight budget.

Since I wasn’t able to take pictures then, I vowed to come back with a camera. Imagine my happiness when this tweet greeted me when I got home:

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Moonleaf Tea Shop Opening in Cebu

New hangout place alert (click on the pic for location directions)!!!

I really can’t wait to find out what’s the fuss behind milk tea. It just might become my new favorite after-work something something after my McDonald’s sundae craze + Thirsty lychee shake cravings. 😀


[Food] Love Story: Siomai + Munchkins

For our food-loving readers in Manila, here are some treats that you might want to take a bite into:

Siomai ni Mikoi

Munchkins by May-ann

For more details, please visit their website:

I don’t know though if they’ll give you a discount should you mention that you knew of their products through me. But you can always try. Hehe 😀
Images © Mikmikoi, 2011. Artwork provided by Pachuvachuva (on my rare moments of graphic design genius ^_^).

Powerbooks Mockingjay Book Cover Contest

The Powerbooks Mockingjay Book Cover Contest

Promo period: August 4 to 31, 2010
Submission of Entries: August 4 to 15, 2010
Voting Period: August 16 to 31, 2010
Announcement of Winners: September 1, 2010


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Vote for Your Favorite Dish and Get a Chance to Win P5,000 Dining Spree at Any of The Terraces Restaurants!

Wheeew! For such a lengthy title, it’s worth going through every letter and syllable. 😀

a.m. top food picks


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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

book blogger appreciation week

This is a re-post of the original announcement for the Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

WHO Anyone who blogs about books is invited to participate. In fact, we want everyone who blogs about books and reading to be a part of this week!
WHAT A week where we come together, celebrate the contribution and hard work of book bloggers in promoting a culture of literacy, connecting readers to books and authors, and recognizing the best among us with the Second Annual BBAW Awards. There will be special guest posts, daily blogging themes, and giveaways.
WHEN September 14-18, 2009
WHERE Here at the new Book Blogger Appreciation Week Blog!
WHY Because books matter. In a world full of options, the people talking about books pour hard work, time, energy, and money into creating a community around the written word.

Because books are like halo-halo — sweet, succulent and such a delight to have on easy Saturday afternoons.
And dedicated book bloggers need a break, too.

If you are a book blogger or one who just blogs about reading or are just plain crazy over books like me, join and register by filling out the online registration form. By registering, not only will you be included in the BBAW 09 Database of Book Bloggers but you will also be automatically qualified for the drawing of the BBAW 09 Grand Prize! Be also on the lookout for special giveaways!

Vote for your favorite book blogs here. The BBAW Award Nominations are open from July 15-August 15, 2009. I’m sure you’ll have fun trying to pick what blog fits best what category. Some of the more exciting ones are:

    Best Name for a Blog
    This blog has a name that is impossible to forget – it’s creative, or witty, or just plain strange, but it’s certainly memorable.
    Best Design
    This blog is a pleasure to read – beautiful design, interesting layout, it’s a site you enjoy visiting for its aesthetic excellence.
    Most Eclectic Taste
    This blog stands out because of its uniqueness – you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always something surprising and new.
    Best Reviews
    Book reviews are the heart and soul of book blogging, and this blog is the cream of the crop – consistently well-written, entertaining and informative reviews are a staple on this blog.
    Best Writing
    It’s not just what they say, it’s how they say it. This blog is almost as enjoyable to read as the books (and anything else) it talks about.
    Best Blog Post
    This is hands down your favorite blog post you read all year. It made you laugh, it made you cry, or it reminded you of truth.
    Most Altruistic Blog
    This blog doesn’t just focus on itself but seeks to make a difference in the lives of others through raising awareness and funds for various causes.
    Most Prolific Blogger
    This blogger is EVERYWHERE. You have no idea how they do it. They consistently post on their own blog, keep up with challenges, and comment on other blogs. You’re convinced they have a super power that somehow relates to blogging.
    Most Extravagant Giveaways
    You wonder how the blogger comes up with such fantastic giveaways! You want to win these giveaways, and you also wish you’d thought of these great giveaways for your own blog.

So help spread the word about BBAW by posting it on your blog (which I’m doing now after I saw this on Stella Matutina), by stumbling it, or twittering about it or just a plain holler to friends will do. Now, is our chance to show our appreciation for the blogs which have deepened our understanding and love for books and the pleasure of reading. 😀

Image was taken last Saturday using a Canon A480 while taking a break and chowing on halo-halo at Chow King in Emall, Cebu City after I spent hours poring over bargain books at Booksale. Featured are some of my latest acquisition (I like the sound of that word..feels so “official”..hehe):

Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert made from a mixture of shaved ice, milk, sweet beans and a variety of bite-sized fruits, and is usually served in a tall glass. This dish is quite popular especially during the summer and in the hot months. Full definition here.
UPDATE 07.21.09: Just registered on BBAW and followed it on twitter.