Snow White and the Huntsman Promo

Snow White and the Huntsman Promo

Wheee! We’ve been waiting for a while to get to watch this. See you at the movies! 😉

Promo and prizes c/o Ayala Center Cebu.

An Oh-So-Cute Cover for My Kindle Touch

The next best thing to having a device is a cool accessory that best spells y-o-u. When I got Ziva, my kindle touch (thanks again, Molly), I searched high and low for the perfect case for it. And destiny didn’t disappoint. I found Dana of danaswove on who makes really cute cases for ebook readers. She even customizes stuff for people who want something extra. So of course, I have to have one customized according to what I’ve been yearning.

Above photo shows the design I drafted together with my dream case which came true in brilliant shades of orange, pink and gray. It felt wonderful to have an idea come to life. You bet I hurrah-ed the day I got it (took about 4 weeks for the case to arrive here from the US).

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Giveaway Alert: Lloyed Valenzuela’s Wedding Photography Package

A freelance wedding planner friend asked me to feature something that can be such a huge windfall for couples intending to get married in the first half of next year (she’s a fan, yes). Lloyed Valenzuela, a favorite destination + wedding photographer, who also happens to be an eternal romantic, is hosting a giveaway on his website.

Wedding Photography by Lloyed Valenzuela

If you and your beau intend to get married in February to May 2012, then the contest is for you. All you have to do is send in your stories of love and romance to LLoyed Valenzuela. A full wedding photography package awaits the very very lucky winner. But I won’t kill all the suspense here. I’d rather have you visit his website – – and check out all the details especially Lloyed’s much raved photog skills that earned him a spot in the roster of Cebu’s best.

Images © Lloyed Valenzuela. All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: I am not getting married anytime soon nor within the next few years so fear no competition from me. *wink*

Punch Drunk Panda’s KOMIKS Plimsolls

I am no stranger to budget travel. Heck, all my travels get planned months in advance so I could save up for those. And mind you, I almost always stick to the budget plan as funds are limited (aren’t they always? *wink) But with my recent trip (details in my next few post) and owing to my recent birthday, I decided to splurge on a new pair of Plimsolls from Punchdrunk Panda.

So what’s so special about this particular pair?

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The Rory Gilmore Reading List

Rory Gilmore reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

TV’s quintessential girl-next-door, Rory Gilmore, is an interesting character who not only knows so much about pop culture but reads a lot, too. (Hmm..wouldn’t you say she knew so much from reading a lot? Oh well, we can only speculate.) And the books she read or are featured on the show has spawned a lot of lists and reading challenges and even book clubs. As I am a huge fan (which if for any other celebrity I wouldn’t have openly admitted), I’m joining in on the bandwagon.
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