Travel on a Tuesday: To Travel is to Fulfill a Dream

Most people dream of traveling – exploring lesser known locales, scaling the highest mountains, trekking in the rainforests, discovering tasty dishes or basking in a nation’s history. Some of us take months or years to plan even just one trip. Some could (or in other cases, would) not go because they thought that life has to happen first before they can travel. But to travel is actually for some a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. And despite the modern conveniences of travel afforded to most people, only a few have that intrepid spirit to seize that dream and take the first (and most difficult) step.

Meet the Zapps.

Any hardcore traveler would have heard of this awesome Argentinian family who has traveled the world over. Candelaria and Herman Zapp were childhood sweethearts who dreamed of traveling around the world. Armed with only their guts. a vintage car, and a prayer, they decided to take a leap of faith and went on to an epic journey to Alaska. From there on out, the Zapps have carved a name by going after their dream.

It was such a joy to finally meet the Zapps in person. A local TV program once did a feature on them yet their awesomeness did not manifest until I recognized them while lining up to get their photos taken with a monkey in Singapore Zoo. I think I gave Candie a scare when I tapped her on the shoulder and squeaked “Um, excuse me? Are you the folks from Spark Your Dream?” And then she breathed a sigh of relief while Herman beamed. “Can I have my pic taken with you?” Glad they said yes and posed gamely. It was a moment I won’t forget not because I was rubbing elbows with “traveling stars” but because seeing them in the flesh gave me reason to hope that yes, we can all fulfill our dreams when we just believe in and go after them.

Visit the Zapp Family’s website on and find out how they did what they did. 😉

Kalye Sugbu: A Glammed Up Pasalubong Mecca

A visit to the beautiful island of Cebu is never complete without the requisite photo ops at famed beaches, historical sites and a taste of delectable Cebuano cooking (and oh, a date or two with a beautiful Cebuana, too, says a friend of mine ^_^).

But with Cebu offering everything from heritage tours to oh-so-fun-yet-so-cheap weekend getaways, your calendar is all booked up to the last minute. So how can you possibly cram “getting your family and friends pasalubong and trinkets” into your busy schedule?
(Dang! You just remembered your friend Brian asking you to bring home the yummy chicharon that he swears helped him to get that promotion. And oops! Your bff Katrina did mention she wants a new funky bag. Aren’t you in a bind?)

Enter Kalye Sugbu.

Read on to find out more about one of Cebu’s best kept secrets as to why this island just gets visited more often than the next province.
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Pasalubong Series # 3

One last teaser before the big reveal:

Tourists and locals alike are no stranger to yummy delicacies you can only get in Cebu.
So when you visit this famed island, stock up on these goodies as I’m pretty sure you’d be mobbed as soon as you get home. 🙂

Wait for the final article tomorrow! ^_^

Pasalubong Series # 2

Fabulous finds like this ornate jewelry can instantly add oomph to a formal or even casual outfit. Not to mention a pride of ownership that can only be had when you know that what you bought is of the highest quality.

Bet you wanna know where you can get this in Cebu, ayt?

CLUE: The pasalubong center I’m referring to is situated in a first-rate mall right in the business district.

Travel Tip #6

If you want to sport a new look for your photos by getting a new haircut, make sure to get it done at least a couple of days before your trip.

That way, if you don’t like it, you still have enough time to change it. Or to buy a nice cap, hat or hair accessory to go along with it.

Incidentally, I got a new ‘do in time for our trip tonight (more about it in the next few days). Happy new hair to me! 😉

Image © The Traveling Reader, 2011.