New Year, New [Reader] You

Happy New Year! 🙂

Hope you’ve had the best Christmas vacation ever. I spent mine watching anime marathons, lounging around, sleeping late (and waking up even later..hehe), and reading, reading, reading.

Now, I am more than happy to wish you all a new beginning and more exciting adventures for 2011 and beyond. As Christine Gilbert of Almost Fearless said in her New Year post, The Year is New and the World is Waiting, “2011 is the Year of “Not Being Boring”“. Right on. We should make this year the best ever – meet new friends, try new things, be more productive, be more daring, be bolder and just be the best version of ourselves as much as we can.

And with that in mind, Pachuvachuva is also going to introduce new stuff here in the next coming weeks just to spice things up a bit. Promise. You’ll be reading more book reviews (I know I haven’t done much of that last year..hehe), book thingies I’ve found and just about anything in general.
Wheee! I’m very excited. Hope you are, too! 🙂

So here’s a sneak peak of my New Year purchases after I spent at least an hour or so going through the aisles and bins at Booksale Emall yesterday:

I have yet to read these (and some others that I was able to find during my two-week Christmas break) but I picked those with themes ranging from facing new challenges to making new starts to becoming newer persons.
Well, to be honest, I didn’t pick those for those reasons. They just happened to fall into those categories but just as well. 🙂

Standby for my reviews of these titles:

I have another stash that I would also like to share but that will be for another post. 😉
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Trivia: This post has 13 words that are or contain “new“. ^_^

Christine Gilbert was a Fortune 500 company manager now turned freelance writer/blogger touring the world. Catch her adventures on or follow her on twitter. 🙂

An Award! Thank you very much!

Mucho thanks to Aloi of Guiltless Reading for giving me this award. Am so happy that my grin has reached phenomenal proportions (just kidding..I’m actually not feeling well today but this award really made me happy). 😀

Versatile Blog Award

And in the spirit of sharing the love, here’s how this award works:

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Now, 7 things about me…

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