Chick Lit with a Filipino Flavor

Chick Lit with a Filipino Flavor

Reading Filipino authors for the October 2013 readathon. Wheee! ^_^

Author Interview: Molly Snow

Hi, friends! It’s Day 3 of the Royally BeSwitched Blog Tour.

On the 15th, Heather of Buried in Books posted her review of Royally BeSwitched.
Yesterday, there was a guest post + giveaway in Buried in Books, plus, an interview of the author done by Mai on Second Bookshelf on the Right.

Today, we have the affable and delightful Author Molly Snow for an interview. Are you excited as I am to get to know her more? Well then, I shan’t keep you waiting. Ta-daa!

Author Molly Snow


Thinking back, a few things inspired me.

  1. My mom was always writing and she eventually landed an agent when I was twelve or thirteen years old.
  2. In elementary, there was Young Authors Week where a children’s author would visit and give assembly presentations; I loved those.
  3. And, of course, I loved to read, especially Nancy Drew. All of those influences together gave me the writing bug.
    Ooh, I love Nancy Drew and her band of detective friends, too.

I have finally formulated a routine for myself. Having twin toddlers can be tough, but then there are women who have many more children than me to work with. So, right when I get up I now make my bed, get ready from head to toe and pray, followed by cleaning and eating and playing with the kids. Then it is time for me to get on the computer and work while the tots are playing with each other, until I work more on my cleaning and cooking schedule. Once my husband comes home, we may watch a sitcom together or I will be reading or writing some more. I have to say, the writing is not just work to me, but an obsession.
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