Wish & Win

Wish Memory a happy birthday and you just might win a book of your own choosing!

stella matutina: books and stories and musings

By just posting a comment on A Birthday, With An Accompanying Giveaway entry at Stella Matutina, you could get a chance to get the best summer read you’ll ever have!

Stella Matutina or Morning Star is a book blog of twenty-something Canada-based bibliophile and blogger Memory. For someone who chews any kind of genre with gusto yet veers away from religious fiction, conservative political writing, and westerns, her blog which has started late in August 2008 has already produced nearly 175 reviews on books, books and more books.

As the prize for this contest must come from the list of titles that have previously been reviewed by the blogger, I was so happy to find some which happen to be on my wishlist (oh I call upon the gods and goddesses of luck to help me win..please please please..hehe):

Click here to see the complete list of titles. And these are the mechanics and complete details. You didn’t think I’d miss this chance, do you? 😉

Photo posted is Stella Matutina’s header with minor editing done in photoshop by yours truly to reflect blog title.