The Queen of Everything’s Book [Plate]

One other thing to do if you have recently purchased books is to label them. The most common method would be to label them using book plates. These come in different designs, colors and sizes and add style to the meaning of ownership.

Towards the end of last year, I was able to find a book plate that I could use over and over again and which looks super smashing. Not to mention forbidding. Anyone who sees that big text on the top portion would think twice about book-napping anything labeled with it. Or would they? Hehe

Introducing, The Queen of Everything’s Book rubber stamp by artist Mary Engelbreit.

Mary Engelbreit's The Queen of Everything's Book Plate

I found that one on the ebay store: Crow’s Nest Rubber Stamps.
The owner, Jammie Crow, is really super nice and accommodating so I was really happy purchasing that stamp (and others, too) from her. 🙂

back portion

This is the back portion of the rubber stamp.
The stamp, by the way, is by All Night Media.

Red is my choice of ink because it instantly brights up any piece of paper. Plus, it provides great contrast to the black ink of the pen I use to write in my name, the date the book was purchased and the store I got it from.

See how cute the stamped image is on a blank page of Judy Goldschmidt’s The Secret Blog of Raisin Rodriguez that I bought a few weeks back from Booksale Emall (see this entry).

How about you? How do you label your books? Would love to know. 🙂
Mary Engelbreit is a well known illustrator whose unique evocative style earned a huge following and whose works have been featured on various products. Click here to know more about her.

Images were taken using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-F2. © Pachuvachuva, 2011.

A Bookish Meme

So glad to be back writing after that week-long vacation (will blog about that soon). Today’s post is a bookish meme from the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which, by the way, officially started on the 14th.

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?

Yes. Chocolates, chips, or any chichirya available.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?

Not really especially if I just borrowed it from a friend. But sometimes I leave stuff inside books like receipts or any scrap of paper I’ve been doodling on that I also happened to have used as a bookmark.

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears?

Dog-ears when no bookmark is available.

bbaw bookish meme
Genie in a bookmark. I got this one in grade school as a freebie from an ice cream product and since then, it’s been one of my favorites.

Laying the book flat open?

As much as possible no.

Fiction, Non-fiction, or both?

Fiction most of the time

Hard copy or audiobooks?

Hard copy

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of chapters, or are you able to put a book down at any point?

Able to put down the book at any point.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?

No. I’ll wait til I can google it.

What are you currently reading?

What is the last book you bought?

In the plural form, actually. 😀

From National Bookstore – Harrison Plaza, Malate

From Booksale – Harrison Plaza, Malate

From Booksale – Emall, Cebu City

Are you the type of person that only reads one book at a time or can you read more than one at a time?

I can read several at a time but only when I’m not raring to finish a particular book.

Do you have a favorite time of day and/or place to read?

Usually in the mornings when I’m riding a jeepney on the way to work.

Do you prefer series books or stand alone books?

Doesn’t matter although it takes time for me to get used to an author’s new book/series if I have already been following his previous works.

Is there a specific book or author that you find yourself recommending over and over?

Nothing in particular..well, maybe the Artemis Fowl series (but I’ve read Eoin Colfer’s The Supernaturalist yet I don’t find it as good as the AF).

How do you organize your books? (By genre, title, author’s last name, etc.?)

If you can call haphazardly lumping them in piles “arranging”, then that’s how I arrange my books. Hehehe

So there’s my bookish meme. Hope you enjoyed it. ^_^
Special mention to Memory on Stella Matutina from whose post I’ve first read about this. Thanks. 😉
The Genie bookmark was scanned then edited in Adobe Photoshop using brushes downloaded from the Internet.
Aladdin and all other related insignia are property of Disney.

De Villeneuve

Thank God I never made any vow to run on only 20kph on book buying or I would have missed Daisy de Villeneuve’s artistically wonderful He Said, She Said. Her take on the much debated side of relationships in typewritten text are only enhanced with her famous felt-tip pen drawings. If one can get lost in art, then these are a feast for the eyes:

boy 1
girl 1
boy 2

Only one of a lesser mind or insight would insist that these pages contain nothing more than juvenile angst inexpertly done in crude materials. For de Villeneuve’s style not only mirrors a certain flair but rather an understanding for the need to express in light and easy terms when the heart is overflowing. But as a novice to doodling and an even bigger fool for art, I am incapable of describing further what her medium communicates. However, my friend, a self-confessed comics connoisseur who told me to take really good care of his Captain America series (yup..still sealed plastic, no tears and placed inside a box the day he lent me those and which by the way are still in my possession but haven’t had time to read..hehe), describing the author’s art as simplistic is simply atrocious and would very well reveal the commentor’s ignorance. That while her works may generally appear as such, only the few who have finer tastes can define the level of expertise behind the lines and colors from the felt tip pens of Miss de Villeneuve and grasp the message she was conveying.

boy 3
girl 2
boy 4

A Fine Arts graduate from Parsons School of Design Paris, Daisy de Villeneuve, pursued what can only be termed as a passion turning into a lucrative job. Now a very famous fashion illustrator who has done commissions for Nike, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and TopShop, de Villeneuve has also authored two books, one of which is this particular one being reviewed and the other, I Told You So, a collaboration with Inigo Asis and Nicola Schwartz. While her coming from an art-impassioned parentage (her mom being a famous 60’s model and her photographer dad who launched Twiggy into stardom back in the day) may have influenced her early on, it was her own talent that made her carve her niche in the fickle world of fashion and art. For more about the author, read this interview on Lifever and writersand or visit her website at .


My fave part of the book is the notebook-page-style background which reminds me of the old Sterling notebooks my uncles had in high school (being the curious and restless child I was, I wasn’t happy until I’d rummaged through the nooks, old cabinets and trunks in the attic of my lola‘s house and find some what-not and play with it. The song that always comes to mind whenever I remember those times being in the care of my grandma and aunt during early childhood, is Natalie Cole’s Miss You Like Crazy, especially when it’s raining. I don’t know why that song stuck but maybe it was the one playing over the radio while I was still small enough to squeeze into my fave spot in that dark attic to look over our neighbors’ roofs while dangling my hand outside through a hole and catch as much raindrops as I could.) Instead of the usual notes in their squiggly handwriting (I don’t have the best handwriting in the world. Heck, sometimes, I can’t even read my own handwriting. But theirs are exceptional that it would be a miracle to be able to read them. Hehehe), I would sometimes find drawings here and there – mostly diagrams accompanying the lecture notes they jotted down, others are caricatures featuring some of their friends and our neighbors, that if by drawing alone one could perform voodoo, my uncles would have rendered their friends deformed with their funny take on their friends’ body parts. And if that “sickness” is inherent in the family, then I’m afflicted should my notes be sent as evidence (my college notes were the worst as they were filled to the brim with nothing but doodles and the occasional F.L.A.M.E.S. with that of my name and that of the current crush coupled with compatibility calculations I mastered from my cousin). 😀

notes on child devt
notes on ed tech

I LIVE BY ARROWS. My drafting teacher in third year high school used to tell us that if one must become skilled in drawing, he or she must not miss drawing perfect arrows. Up until now, I’m still trying to learn that. (Some of my notes on the Early Childhood Development and Audio Visual Education classes I’m taking at the Normal University this semester.)

he said, she said by daisy de villeneuve

For only P80.00 (which means a lot when you didn’t bring much in your purse because you didn’t expect to find something really nice), He Said, She Said was well worth the agony of worrying if I had enough money to go home. I actually counted from 1 up to 10 before I picked up the book from among those in the bargain bin. Heaving a sigh of relief after finding one 50-peso bill and two 20-peso bills among the coins inside the battered coin purse I bought from Vigan, I paid for the tome with a smile of anticipation thinking of the countless hours I could spend dissecting and enjoying the art (I love Booksale. I love Booksale. Oh how I can say that a million times over. Hehe). Well, Miss de Villeneuve, you got yourself a fan.

Illustrations were scanned from the book. Copyright by Daisy de Villeneuve.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

book blogger appreciation week

This is a re-post of the original announcement for the Second Annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

WHO Anyone who blogs about books is invited to participate. In fact, we want everyone who blogs about books and reading to be a part of this week!
WHAT A week where we come together, celebrate the contribution and hard work of book bloggers in promoting a culture of literacy, connecting readers to books and authors, and recognizing the best among us with the Second Annual BBAW Awards. There will be special guest posts, daily blogging themes, and giveaways.
WHEN September 14-18, 2009
WHERE Here at the new Book Blogger Appreciation Week Blog!
WHY Because books matter. In a world full of options, the people talking about books pour hard work, time, energy, and money into creating a community around the written word.

Because books are like halo-halo — sweet, succulent and such a delight to have on easy Saturday afternoons.
And dedicated book bloggers need a break, too.

If you are a book blogger or one who just blogs about reading or are just plain crazy over books like me, join and register by filling out the online registration form. By registering, not only will you be included in the BBAW 09 Database of Book Bloggers but you will also be automatically qualified for the drawing of the BBAW 09 Grand Prize! Be also on the lookout for special giveaways!

Vote for your favorite book blogs here. The BBAW Award Nominations are open from July 15-August 15, 2009. I’m sure you’ll have fun trying to pick what blog fits best what category. Some of the more exciting ones are:

    Best Name for a Blog
    This blog has a name that is impossible to forget – it’s creative, or witty, or just plain strange, but it’s certainly memorable.
    Best Design
    This blog is a pleasure to read – beautiful design, interesting layout, it’s a site you enjoy visiting for its aesthetic excellence.
    Most Eclectic Taste
    This blog stands out because of its uniqueness – you never know what you’re going to get, but it’s always something surprising and new.
    Best Reviews
    Book reviews are the heart and soul of book blogging, and this blog is the cream of the crop – consistently well-written, entertaining and informative reviews are a staple on this blog.
    Best Writing
    It’s not just what they say, it’s how they say it. This blog is almost as enjoyable to read as the books (and anything else) it talks about.
    Best Blog Post
    This is hands down your favorite blog post you read all year. It made you laugh, it made you cry, or it reminded you of truth.
    Most Altruistic Blog
    This blog doesn’t just focus on itself but seeks to make a difference in the lives of others through raising awareness and funds for various causes.
    Most Prolific Blogger
    This blogger is EVERYWHERE. You have no idea how they do it. They consistently post on their own blog, keep up with challenges, and comment on other blogs. You’re convinced they have a super power that somehow relates to blogging.
    Most Extravagant Giveaways
    You wonder how the blogger comes up with such fantastic giveaways! You want to win these giveaways, and you also wish you’d thought of these great giveaways for your own blog.

So help spread the word about BBAW by posting it on your blog (which I’m doing now after I saw this on Stella Matutina), by stumbling it, or twittering about it or just a plain holler to friends will do. Now, is our chance to show our appreciation for the blogs which have deepened our understanding and love for books and the pleasure of reading. 😀

Image was taken last Saturday using a Canon A480 while taking a break and chowing on halo-halo at Chow King in Emall, Cebu City after I spent hours poring over bargain books at Booksale. Featured are some of my latest acquisition (I like the sound of that word..feels so “official”..hehe):

Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert made from a mixture of shaved ice, milk, sweet beans and a variety of bite-sized fruits, and is usually served in a tall glass. This dish is quite popular especially during the summer and in the hot months. Full definition here.
UPDATE 07.21.09: Just registered on BBAW and followed it on twitter.

10 for the 25th

Too bad it was only last year when I learned and applied the wisdom of asking for the things I really really want but nevertheless, it was fun being surprised receiving them from very good friends. And for the 25th celebration of my pachuvachuva-ness, I would like to make it just as easier for them this time. So after weeks of thinking and revising, here is my birthday wish list (THE wish list of all wish lists 😉 ):

1. Red Bowler Camera Bag
red bowler camera bag red bowler camera bag_2

red bowler camera bag_3 Kick-ass & sassy don’t even begin to describe this cute accessory from

2. Canon EOS 40D DSLR
canon eos 40d dslr
That cute bag (see #1) would be pretty useless without a camera to use it with, ayt? 😉 Full product review at

But if it’s way over your budget, you can just get me this and I won’t hate you for it. Hehehe
Olympus Stylus 1030SW
olympus stylus 1030sw

Images courtesy of and full product reviews at and Additional review at

3. Stabilo markers + Faber-castell watercolor pencils

stabilo markers

faber-castell watercolor pencils
The National Bookstore sells them really cheap. *wink*

4. Trip to Vigan
Yay! Only a week more to go. Lots of culture-soaking and bonding with friends.

5. Gift cheque for Booksale
Since i don’t think this is available (drat! I forgot to ask while I was there yesterday.) I would gladly take the cash. 😀

story time by edward bloor
Story Time by Edward Bloor. An early birthday treat from fellow Flipper maydayeve as we invaded Booksale at Emall yesterday. Sweet.

6. Mood rings
Sold in bazaars run by Muslims (the ones in SM City Cebu Trade Hall look really cute and are just about my size – around P150 each). Super heavy hint here. Hahahaha

7. Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake
The Japanese green tea variety at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is good but blueberry is still my favorite.

8. Black Drawing Pad + cute jacket like the ones sported by Dakota Fanning as Cassie in the movie “Push“.

Image courtesy of

dakota fanning's jacket in push
Image courtesy of

10. K. Cross
I saved the best for last. *blush*


That rare condition of hoarding hardbound (HB) books or upgrading your paperbacks to HBs (but the latter is better known as “going blooey“). And this post is dedicated to my illustrator friend Blooey who makes killer book reviews on here.
new book purchases on shelf

Without meaning to, I “went blooey” yesterday as I splurged at Booksale Emall. LOL if you can call spending P155.00 for 7 hardbound books as splurging). I don’t think I have that fixation yet but who knows I might soon.;)six and deadly
Six and Deadly. Not in the picture: A Jar of Dreams.

1. A Hole in the Universe by Mary McGarry Morris – P20
2. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul Torday – P35
3. Wormwood by GP Taylor – P35
4. As the World Churns by Tamar Myers – P35
5. Seven Houses: A Novel by Alev Lytle Croutier – P20
6. The Kalahari Typing School for Men (The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency) by Alexander McCall Smith – P10
7. A Jar of Dreams by Yoshiko Uchida – P20

kalahari typing school for men cheap at P10
2 hb books cheap at P20
3 hb books cheap at P35

These are such a steal with their being hardbound books and in mint condition at that plus considering their original prices:
price tag
price tag
This grin 😀 is going to last for a long while. Hehe