A Different Japanese-Flavored Movie Everyday

japanese film fest 2010

In celebration of the Japanese Film Fest 2010, the Consular Office of Japan in Cebu is showcasing eight (8) different Japanese films at the Ayala Center Cebu on the following schedules:

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It has only been a month or so that the Japanese Film Fest in Cebu was featured here on Pachuvachuva and now we are going to highlight another must-go-to event — The Rakugo.

Rakugo - Japanese Sitdown Comedy
Rakugo according to Pachuvachuva. My version of the event poster.

Rakugo is a Japanese entertainment that depicts a lengthy and complex funny monologue usually about two or more characters. As the lone performer, the Rakugoka in the customary kimono, stays in a seiza sitting position in the middle of the stage and illustrates the different situations using only a paper fan (sensu) and a small cloth (tenugui) as props. Being a traditional art form, Rakugo demands the highest skills from the artist. The years of discipline and mastery of this art manifest when by only changing the pitch and tone of his voice or by turning his head slightly, the performer is able to show the differences in the story’s characters.

This month, the Cebuano audience will be treated to a unique experience as the Japan Foundation, Manila and the Consular Office of Japan in Cebu will present the English Rakugo! Japanese Sit-down Comedy in English on September 26, 2009, Saturday, 7 pm at the Ayala Center Cinema 1. Admission is free on a first-come first-serve basis.

Official Rakugo Event Poster
Official Rakugo Event Poster. Image courtesy of www.clickthecity.com, the official event partner of the Japan Foundation, Manila.

Performing Rakugo in English is premier Rakugo artist Kaishi Katsura. With over 180 performances worldwide under his belt and more than his fair share of awards including the prestigious NHK Japan National Television Award for Young Artists, the Ministry of Culture Yew Artist Award, and the Hanjoutei Yose Theatre Award for Explosive Laughter, Katsura was recently appointed Cultural Exchange Ambassador by the Agency of Cultural Affairs. With the goal of bringing Rakugo to the western audience and the rest of the world, Katsura is on an international tour promoting the art. Read more about it on Kaishi Katsura’s blog.

“English Rakugo!” will be staged in Cebu on Saturday, September 26, 7:00 pm at the Ayala Center Cinema 1. This performance is organized by the Japanese Consular Office in Cebu, in cooperation with the Japanese Association in Cebu, Inc., the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Cebu, Inc., and the Ayala Center Cebu.
TRIVIA: Some events hosted in Ayala Center Cebu have already been featured on Pachuvachuva like the 2008 Moonrise Film Fest, the Speedo Summer Soiree 2009, and the 2009 French Film Festival all thanks to Ms. Wilma Entera of the Ayala Mall Group who keeps Pachuvachuva in the know. Looking forward to capturing the best of Cebu from here on out. ^_^

The first image in this entry was created using Adobe Photoshop and goodies downloaded from the Internet. It is not the official event poster. Image concept copyright by Pachuvachuva.

You can read more about Rakugo on wikipedia.

Turning Japanese

Here’s another treat for us, movie maniacs.

The Consular Office of Japan in Cebu, in cooperation with the Japanese Association in Cebu, Inc., the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Ayala Center Cebu, presents Eiga Sai 2009, a week-long festival showcasing nothing but the most insightful Japanese films participating this year.

turning japanese - eiga sai 2009

Be sure to drop by Ayala Cinema 4 on these dates and times:

Jul 28 (Tue)
7:00 PM – ALWAYS – Sunset on Third Street (PG-13)

July 29 (Wed)
7:00 PM – The Milkwoman (PG-13)

Jul 30 (Thu)
7:00 PM – Turn Over (General Audience)

Jul 31 (Fri)
7:00 PM – Tony Takitani (PG-13)

Aug 1 (Sat)
4:00 PM – Mind Game (R-13)
7:00 PM – Memories of Tomorrow (General Audience)

Aug 2 (Sun)
4:00 PM – Kamome Diner (PG-13)
7:00 PM – Memories of Matsuko (R-18)

Click here for schedules across the country or for more information about the festival.
Special mention to Wilma Entera of the Ayala Mall Group for forwarding the schedule. 😉

Image was created in Photoshop CS with the black flowers and bamboo shoots from the Japanese Foliage Brush Pack on DesignFruit by Jason Gaylor. The rest of the brushes used are native to Photoshop. Big thanks from Pachuvachuva.