Day 3 – Flavor of the Week

It’s probably one of every female’s fantasies to have a sweet boyfriend who can cook and won’t mind doing it (for the love of her). I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t adore a guy who can whip up any dessert just like that? It’s like having a bf and a chef all in one hunky package. (Although I’m not saying I have something against guys who can’t cook because I myself can’t. But don’t spread that around, will yah? Haha)

Now on our third day for the Love in 28 Days countdown, we bring you this succulent story from foodie Tucker Shaw.

Flavor of the Week by Tucker Shaw

Cyril Bartholomew has been in love forever with sweet hippie girl Rose Mulligan. And yet for all his cooking prowess, he just can’t tell her how he feels (or even about his cooking). And things would have gone all the same in New Hyde Park Regional High School if Cyril’s childhood buddy Nick Garbacchio didn’t move back in from New York and onto dear Rosie’s life and heart, much to Cyril’s chagrin.

The catastrophe started when Nick, for all his good intentions of winning Rose over, asked Cyril “to help him” cook delicious meals for her. Vegetarian that she is, Rose appreciates good food and would most likely consider a guy who cooks equivalent to one very hot guy. So for several dates, Cyril and Nick managed “to trick” Rose into thinking that it was Nick who did all the magic. Except that Jamie, Rose’s BFF, found out all about the charade and let Rose in on the secret. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Rose made Cyril miserable by not accepting his apology thereby affecting his concentration and his application to the illustrious and super cutthroat American Institute of the Culinary Arts. But this story is about food and happiness, so cut to page 219 and you have a happy and very much in love Cyril with his sweet Rose sharing a plate of cookies and the good news of his college acceptance at AICA.

So? What can I say about this book?

Well, first of all, it is about food. And I love books about food almost as much as I love food itself. The chapters were named after the delightful recipes tried by Cyril (which were also included at the end of every chapter) and I find that really cute. Plus, I am impressed with Cyril’s cooking. Like I said, I can’t cook so anybody who can is a hero to me.

Second, it is a love story with a happy ending. So what’s not to like about that? Everybody, who at one point in his or her life has ever been in love, would always want a happy ever after (well, til the sequel…hehe).

But I have some other thoughts about it though.

While I admire Cyril’s skills in the kitchen, I have a lot of say about his self-esteem. He is a nice guy that you just can’t help but root for him to get his girl. On the other hand, you’d also want to whack him on the head because he just couldn’t tell Rose about his feelings. He thinks his weighing 240 pounds is a turn off. Well, Cyril, you’re partly right and you’re partly wrong. First impressions might matter but they’re just that – first impressions. They don’t necessarily have to last. And like I always say in defense of my weight whenever a weight-conscious fiend means to put me down with a snotty “your BMI could use Math. Subtraction in this case,” it’s all about how you carry yourself. Character, charm, and subtle confidence will always win out in the end.

All in all, I enjoyed the book although it ended too quickly for my taste. The characters need to be fleshed out more. The scenes need more polishing. The characters could benefit for crisper dialogues. But like a really good dessert after a scrumptious meal, it quite hit the spot.

NOTE: I apologize for not being able to post this yesterday. My internet connection was really bad. So sorry. Later during the day, I’ll be posting the review for day 4.
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TRIVIA: The American Institue of the Culinary Arts (AICA) mentioned here is fictional. However, there is a Culinary Institute of America with its main campus located in Hyde Park, New York. 🙂