Photo Friday #4

Dining Spanish cuisine at Ipar’s.

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Review: Moonleaf Tea Shop Cebu

I already had plans gracing the soft opening of Moonleaf Tea Shop after I posted about it last week here. I’m new to the milk/bubble tea phenomenon and rather curious about it so I told myself “Why not?“.

The store is located along Pelaez Ext. across the basketball court adjacent to Bangko Sentral Cebu. For the college crowd going to USC Main or Cebu Normal University, the Moonleaf Tea Shop is a welcome break from the local carenderia and eateries. It’s clean, cozy and air-conditioned. As you go inside, you’d be greeted by friendly faces – staff and patrons alike – so you’re sure to have a good time.

As it was my first time to order milk tea, I was quite apprehensive about what flavor to try. I didn’t want to end up with something I’d hate thereby affecting my opinion of the store. Finally, I settled on a fruit-based variant – a Lychee Jasmine Tea – a light refreshing concoction that ultimately set the bar for future milk tea flavors I’d try. (Actually, no surprise there as I’m a fan of all things lychee. :D) The tea was not too strong to overpower its lychee-ness, yet it wasn’t too weak either not to make a favorable impression. Overall, it was just right for a budding milk tea enthusiast like me.

Now here comes the best part: Moonleaf’s offerings are just darn affordable. The teas range from Php 45 to Php 85 depending on the flavor. And they all come in tall/grande glasses (as in!). So it’s super sulit to have one while waiting for your friends on the way to your next gimik or even as you’re hitting the books before a major exam. Add Php 10 and you can have your choice of add-ons (pudding, nata, pearls or milk) for a more festive tea indulgence. Bonding with friends over milk teas could become weekly rituals even on a tight budget.

Since I wasn’t able to take pictures then, I vowed to come back with a camera. Imagine my happiness when this tweet greeted me when I got home:

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