A Different Japanese-Flavored Movie Everyday

japanese film fest 2010

In celebration of the Japanese Film Fest 2010, the Consular Office of Japan in Cebu is showcasing eight (8) different Japanese films at the Ayala Center Cebu on the following schedules:

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Post #1

pachuvachuva in vigan

Let me start off my first entry with a very big shoutout:
Happy, happy new year!!! And a happier and more fulfilled us in 2010! 😀

2009 has been amazing for the most part because of the trips I’ve made and the experiences I’ve gone through. But as a blogger with sporadic entry postings, I would like to say that I’ve had the most fun last year. I have met some very interesting people whom I would like to thank:

    Blooey Singson of Sumthinblue.com for being such a wonderful blogger and friend and for seeing me during her brief trip to Cebu. It was fun except that my tongue would get twisted saying things in Tagalog as I’m not used to the language (gahi man gud ug dila ning mga bisaya..hehe). The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book she sent was an added bonus, too. I luv it. 😀

    Maura K of Monster of Books for being an inspired blogger. It’s also through Maura’s blog where I won my first book, Suite Scarlett, and for that I’m always grateful.

    Memory Arnould on Stella Matutina for being such a dear and writing those long book reviews and interesting trivia. I even got to beta read her novel that’s currently in the works and I must say I like it very much. But since I can’t blurt out my fave characters or parts without prematurely revealing the tasty tome, I’d rather zip my mouth for the mean time. *wink*

    Issa Mojica of Reality Bites…Fiction Does It Better whose invite to join her book giveaway contest led me to win a fabulous copy of Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran. Salamat, salamat, salamat.

    The off-the-beaten-path travel adventures of Christine Gilbert on Almost Fearless renews my belief that travel doesn’t have to be as mundane as getting a cup of coffee at some coffeeshop. I’ve subscribed ever since.

    Carl Anderson of Stainless Steel Droppings for hosting the R.I.P. (Readers Imbibing Peril) Challenge annually. It was my first time to join last year and although I didn’t finish with flair, it was still fun doing it.

    Natasha Maw of Maw Books Blog for continuing to promote authors by churning out well-thought of reviews. (Yes, I am a subscriber, too.)

    Peter Sandico, the KyusiReader from the crazy corner of the world called Manila, for his eclectic musings and his cool bookshelf project.

    Lauren Rusiloski of Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf for feeding my love for young adult books with her reviews.

    To all my friends who do what any friend would when they receive emails announcing new post from me: to click on that link and make Pachuvachuva happy. *insert big hearty laugh here*

    To current and future readers and visitors, you make my day with your comments and questions and every visit means a lot to me. I can’t promise that Pachuvachuva would be any greater in 2010 than it was in the past year but what I can promise though, every good change stems from my desire to give the best to you.

As my friend Estrella would say, “All the best in 2010. Cheers!” 😀

If you’re having a holiday hangover still, you can get this fab WordPress desktop wallpaper by artist Coley Wopperer on here. 😉

Wordpress holiday 2009 wallpaper
Image is of Pachuvachuva looking happy during a trip to Vigan on my 25th. Stories and more pics here.

One Blogging Nation

2009 philippine blogging awards

This is a re-post of the official 2009 Philippine Blog Awards Announcement.

On the Awards Night
It has often been said that the Internet breaks down boundaries and leaps oceans to connect people. And it is true. Lost friends, old loves and distant family members become connected in the virtual world. But like the infomercial says,”Wait there is more!”

Due to this virtual network of among Filipinos – To be specific among Filipino Bloggers relationships develop and communities spring about. In recent years, the numbers of bloggers have increased and its not limited to one area alone. From Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao: Bloggers have increased in numbers. And its not only in our local shores. Filipino Bloggers can be found almost everywhere.

It is a diverse and vibrant mix of personalities and individuals. Bloggers of different tastes. Bloggers of different views. Bloggers of different ages. Bloggers of different persuasion. Bloggers of different forms, shape and purpose. All Filipinos in spirit.

And this is as it should be. Whatever is said about the Filipino Blogging Community it is an exciting and dynamic universe.

Populated by Filipinos by birth; Filipinos by choice; and Filipinos by Spirit.

It is truly a One Blogging Nation.

The Categories:


    A niche blog that focuses on developments and news about Technology. But what is technology? In its most simple definition Technology refers to the tools and machines that are used to solve real-world problems. Such tools and machines need not be material in this sense it can be virtual. So a Technology Blog could be a blog about the Internet, software, mobile phones and television sets. Each are tools that are used to solve real-world problems.
    A blog that focuses on the different aspects traveling for an extend period of time from point A to B. It may be a narrative or even an advice post focused on a trip or destination.
    A blog that focuses on news and commentary about the entertainment industry. This covers the following areas of show business – from television shows, film, popular music and concerts. It may also cover personalities and people involved in show business.
    A blog that covers the personal. A diary or a journal a record and treasure chest of one’s thoughts and ideas. It could be on any topic from the food eaten this morning to national issues. The important thing is that it is one’s personal take on the issue.
    Food & Beverage
    A blog that focuses on the food and drink. A description of it. The manner by which it is cooked or served. The history or chronicle of it. A critique of how food is cooked and served. And even the personal experience of eating in a particular place or time. It could be scientific or literary as long as it is about Food & Beverage.
    Family & Living
    A blog that focuses on things about the family and how to live and enjoy life. It tackles family issues and chronicles family occasions. It also covers how to improve one’s life and one’s life by improving the home and family environment — with a better designed living room or a unique experience for the family or the individual.
    News & Media
    A blog that focuses on News & Media. It could chronicle the life of a journalist and it could also be a blog that primarily tackles issues and events covering News and Media.
    A blog that represents or is the face of business. The posts we find here tackle the daily grind and important news of an enterprise. It will also contain news and updates about the business and its product or products.
    A blog that reports and discusses events and issues about Sports. It could be about boxing (both pro and non-pro) or it could be about marathon running. More often the distinction here is that this blog covers competitive sports.
    Hobby & Recreation
    A blog that focuses and discusses about pastimes and hobbies. It is the thing you do on your spare time and it may or may not be competitive. It could be about hiking a mountain or stitching a quilt. It could even be stamp collecting or keeping fishes called Green Terrors. It is something you enjoy doing in your spare time and not covered by the other categories. For example, a blog about basketball belongs to the Sports category but a blog about collecting basketball trading cards belongs to the Hobby/Recreation category.
    A blog that focuses on the styles and customs of clothing. In a sense this blog focuses and highlights a form of communal art through which the notions of good and beautiful to wear can be seen by the eye.
    Is a blog composed of photos chronologically arranged or posted. It is not a gallery but a post maybe composed of more than one photograph scanned from film or taken with a digital camera – cellphone, point-and-shoot; and DSLR.
    Culture and Arts
    Is a blog that focuses on the different forms of art whether they be literary, visual, performance and musical art. The posts found in this blog could be a feature of a play; a post reporting on a cultural event, a review of a book or a critique of a play.
    This blog focuses on the commentary and expository blogs. These are not only blogs that talk but discuss. The topic they covered a variety of topics from Social, Political, Historical and even Scientific posts.
    The blog that moving images: videocasts or vlogs. These are the items we download from the blog or delivered to us by RSS. They may span from one minute to an hour. NOTE ALL CONTENTS MUST BE ORIGINAL.
    The blog that posts sound: podcasts and videocasts. These are the items we download from the blog or delivered to us by RSS. They may span from one minute to an hour.
    A blog that focuses on putting a smile on a readers face and/or a series of giggles of ha ha has from its readers. It is hard to do comedy whether it be witty or just being plain pleasantly silly.
    A blog that focuses on games both online and offline: Whether the game is played on an actual chess board or a virtual one.
    A blog that activelt supports a cause, causes or an idea. A blog that champions, advocates, argues, support, looks for support and even pleads for a cause whether it be social, political or ecological.
    A blog focuses on beauty. It talks about; gives advise; and shows how beauty is taken cared of and even accenuated in order to look more pleasant to the eye.


    This award gives due recognition to best blog design by a Filipino for 2009.
    Free Custom Theme
    This award gives due recognition to the best crafted and design Free Custom Theme for a blog done by a Filipino for 2009.
    Filipino Abroad
    This award gives due recognition to the Filipino blogger or blogger of Filipino ancestry who has contributed significantly to the community and the country through blogging.
    Foreign Blog
    This award gives due recognition to a foreign owned or foreign blog that has focused and blogged significantly about the Filipinos and the Philippines.
    Blogger’s Choice
    This award gives due recognition to the blogger who has been judged by fellow Filipino bloggers by vote as the 2009 Blogger’s Choice.
    Filipiniana Blog
    This award gives due recognition to the blog that has focused and consistently blogged about the Philippines whether it be social, political, historical and cultural. Everything Filipino: Everything Filipiniana.
    Blog Application
    This award gives due recognition to the best blog application developed for 2009.
    Ten Best Posts of the Year
    These awards are given to the ten best posts for 2009. There are times when a single post of a blog is so powerful that one never forgets it or one is inspired by it. Such is the power of that one post.
    Best Visayan Blog
    This award goes to the blogger whose blog showcases his talent in blogging in any of the Visayan Languages.
    Visayas Bloggers Choice
    The Visayas is now a growing community of Bloggers from Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo and more. There are a good number of impressive blogs but some stands out above the others. This awards goes to the blogger whose blog is the talk of the town—the influential blog, the inspirational blog and the example. This award will recognize the blogger who is well respected in the Blogging communities in Visayas.
    Best Visayas Locale Blog
    As we have different travel blogs showcasing the different beautiful places a travel blogger goes to, this next award focuses on a Visayan blog which will promote one’s hometown or city here in Visayas. This award goes to the best blog which talks about a certain blogger’s hometown or city.
    Best Visayas Nature Blogger
    When one comes to Visayas he/she may have the different choices of experiencing the Life of nature. We cannot deny the white sand beaches, the rare virgin forests filled with exotic wild life and the beautiful waterfalls that are located in this region. We recognize the blogger who best presents these best things in life found in Nature.

The Event

Now on its third run, the Philippine Blog Awards celebration is pegged to bring in more funfare and pizazz with a slew of activities on the following dates:

    October 9, 2009
    Megatent Events Venue (30 Meralco Avenue, Bgy. Ugong, Pasig City)

    October 17, 2009
    Venue remains a surprise until further notice.

    October 24, 2009
    Venue remains a surprise until further notice.

Find further announcements here or you can just stay tuned on Pachuvachuva for any word about this.

As a first time nominee, I am rather excited about the turn of events. I would like to thank everyone who recommended Pachuvachuva for Visayan Bloggers Choice, a very great honor indeed considering I have only been blogging “seriously” fairly recently. It would be super cool to win knowing there’s more than an ample number of very good blogs coming from the Visayas region but of course, the nomination itself is so much more than I could hope for. 😀

I am supporting and nominating a friend who I went to high school with, Mark Andre Yapching, who, with another fellow nature tripper, blogs about the charms of the town of Liloan on Liloan Trippers for the category Best Visayas Locale Blog. Good luck to us, Josenians! ^_^
* New Awards

Above image is my take on the PBA 09 Announcement. Original picture was taken using [my then functioning] Canon Powershot A430 on June 24, 2007 12:12pm aboard a standard airbus operated by Cebu Pacific Air on our way back to Cebu from Davao City after a three-day seminar. Feeling nostalgic? You bet I am. (Image copyright by author; PBA Logo courtesy of Philippine Blog Awards.)

Post #62

This post is super historic, momentous, and [fill in other superlatives that would suffice the meaning], since not every blogger would brag about their 62nd post. Actually, that’s how a blogger would write her intro when she’s super overwhelmed with the excitement of discovering the Ilocandia on her birthday no less. For the next 48 hours, Pachuvachuva will be breathing, eating and dreaming of nothing else but Vigan and Laoag until she gets there.

In honor of this [insert another superlative here] occasion, it’s only fitting that Pachuvachuva should reveal a bit about herself. Relax, I don’t plan on boring you so this won’t be very long. 😛

– paper and pen must always be within my reach as I’m bound to write or doodle anything
– i have a thing for taking (and sometimes memorizing) random plate numbers and this is coupled by my compulsion to “scare” taxi drivers by letting them know i have their car’s plate no. so they should think twice about doing something bad to any friend who happens to be that cab’s passenger
– surprisingly, my love for books and the beauty of written words in general doesn’t extend to poems
– i lean mostly on my right side when i sleep
– i used to just tune out people when they start bragging but now it’s much easier to deal with braggarts by coming up with equally or more ridiculously outrageous stories..talk about calling their bluff *wink*
– my imagined gamophobia ranks high up in the ladder along with my fear of drowning, dying and being photographed badly..hahaha
– i love doing the dishes..it’s very therapeutic plus the hand lotion you have to apply after is much much cheaper compared to bribering your younger sibling to do it
– i sometimes buy books based on their covers (some examples: Jack Gantos’ The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs, a compiled edition of Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar (though that one was Carms’ birthday gift last year) and old editions of A Wrinkle in Time and Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle
– people don’t have trouble giving me gifts – it’s just a toss between books or even more books
– am very happy to have graduated from the famed (and dreaded) NBSB Club…technically *another wink*
– i used to be deathly afraid of going to bed hungry..blame it on old tales about a hungry soul raiding the kitchen for a midnight snack yet he ended up getting trapped inside a cooking pot
– was listening to Kennedy by Ratatat, Last Words by The Real Tuesday Weld, and Little Motel by Modest Mouse (the three from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist OST) as I was typing this
– i prefer songs from artists or bands with obscure-sounding names hence, the choices above

I could go on and on but I’d like to keep my promise so maybe next time. ^_^