We Were All Bloodthirsty

And we were all calling for Margarito’s blood.

By now, everyone should know that the Philippines is not only a basketball country but is hooked on boxing not without great deference to probably the World’s Greatest Fighter and the Pound for Pound King, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.

And we were all shouting for his name egging for him to win (well, not literally speaking as our voices wouldn’t carry over to the TV set but you get my drift ;)).

Sunday afternoon and most of the neighborhood gathered around our neighbor’s yard with a 34″ TV set up under the oppressive heat of the sun. Lucky for us, they gathered enough sacks as makeshift tents so we wouldn’t baked under all that heat. But with Pacquiao fighting, heat is downright inevitable.

Rounds 1 and 2 were easily the “dance with me part” where both fighters were still sizing each other up and exchanging some jabs but nothing serious. But in round 4 when Margarito sustained that first gash, it was evident that Pacquiao is gonna win. And I’m not saying this with conceit because I’m Filipino but because Manny Pacquiao is really just one terrific fighter surprising you all the way through 12 rounds (that actually makes his every fight something to watch out for because you just don’t know what exactly’s gonna happen).

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

However, in all fairness, I’d like to applaud the Tijuana Tornado for not giving up despite the severe mash up he received from the Pinoy boxer. For me, Round 5 was his as his punches made more than several contacts with Manny’s face, shoulders and head. He did his country proud for not backing down that easily.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

But my hats off to my countryman Pacquiao for not losing his head in the game, for giving it his all and more and more importantly, for remaining to be a true sportsman despite several opportunities of knocking down Margarito. In an after-game interview, he was quoted saying: “I told the referee get a doctor. Boxing is not for killing each other. I sacrificed a lot. Trained hard. That’s why I’m only 145 lbs.” (from www.plixi.com) And people from the world over are just overwhelmed from this great victory. Even the 2001 World Nine-Ball Champion and honorary Filipino, Mika “The Iceman” Immonen, is quoted saying on his fb: “Manny Pacquiao wins his 8th World title! Too amazing. PAC-MAN re-writes history.” (and yes, he and I are friends on fb..hehehe)

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

But perhaps one of the characteristics I like about Manny Pacquiao is his asking for God’s grace before and after every fight, surrendering everything to the Almighty while doing the best that he can. Despite winning all those titles, he is still humble enough to ask for guidance. One of the commentators was even saying “Well, what do you know? A couple of Catholics in this game” when Pacquiao and Margarito were caught on film making the sign of the cross upon entering the Cowboys Stadium in Dallax Texas. As that scene was playing, I asked my sister this: “Who prayed the hardest? And whose prayer is gonna be answered tonight?” Even before the 12th bell sounded, everyone knew already who was taking the crown home.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Well, dear readers, there you have it. My comments about one hell of a game that just rocked the entire world. Hope Mayweather will respond to the challenge soon (or throw in the towel early..hehe) so we can all witness one of the most anticipated fights of the century.

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Pacquiao vs. Margarito

Would love to hear about how the game was for you, too. Don’t hesitate to post your comments. 😉
These crisp images of the fight are courtesy of Jigz Godinez. Thank you so much, Jigz. As in ultimate pabaga jud because we don’t know each other but I asked him if I could upload the pics. Hehehe Salamat kaayo! 🙂

Restrained Foodie

With the unfortunate situation of having to wait for payday plaguing me (really, sweldo, where art thou?), gastronomic adventures would have to be suspended for the time being. No wonder I keep logging on to Epicurious.com to check out sinfully looking dishes (though I’m sure they would taste just as divine).

Today’s Epicurious email brought a smile to my lips as the simple Pinoy food Lumpia got featured in their Around the World in 80 Dishes weekly video series. Hurrah for the yummy staple fare! 😀

Philippines: Lumpia

Dang. This post did not do much to cure my gutom. I should have known. Hehe
Alright, gotta go. Stomach’s calling. 😉
Image above is a collage of images from the Epicurious website. © Epicurious.com, 2010.

Btw, my mama makes killer lumpia. ^_^

The Pile

If you’ve never been the super organized type like me, managing an ever growing TBR (to be read pile) is like scaling Mt. Everest without any tools. You’ll surely perish. Now that I’ve seen the wisdom of cataloging the books I have yet to read (I envy Blooey’s system, actually..hehe), I thought it would be cool to share this with you:
the pile

  1. Dead as a Doornail, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries Book 5Charlaine Harris
  2. Definitely Dead, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries Book 6Charlaine Harris
  3. Altogether Dead, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries Book 7Charlaine Harris
  4. From Dead to Worse, Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries Book 8Charlaine Harris
  5. The Beasts of Clawstone CastleEva Ibbotson
  6. Fablehaven, Book 1Brandon Mull
  7. Princess in the SpotlightMeg Cabot
  8. The Tale of Squirrel NutkinBeatrix Potter
  9. The Tale of Jemima Puddle-DuckBeatrix Potter
  10. Vox, The Edge Chronicles Book 6Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell
  11. Freeglader, The Edge Chronicles Book 7Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell
  12. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. FrankweilerE.L. Konigsburg
  13. The Heroic Adventure of Hercules AmsterdamMelissa Glen Haber
  14. The Da Vinci CodChris Riddell
  15. Black and Blue MagicZilpha Keatley Snyder
  16. The One in the Middle is the Green KangarooJudy Blume
  17. Marvelous Marvin and the Wolfman MysteryBonnie Pryor
  18. Alvin Fernald, SuperweaselClifford B. Hicks
  19. Childhood of Famous Americans: Dr. Seuss Kathleen Kudlinski
  20. The Book of the BansheeAnne Fine
  21. Many WatersMadeleine L’Engle
  22. Sammy Keyes and the Runaway ElfWendelin van Draanen
  23. The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous JourneyTrenton Lee Stewart
  24. The Tales of Beedle the BardJ.K. Rowling
  25. The Complete Illustrated Works of Hans Christian Andersen
  26. The Princess BrideWilliam Goldman
  27. Jonathan Strange and Mr. NorrellSusanna Clarke
  28. Fleeced (Regan Reilly Mysteries)Carol Higgins Clark
  29. Laced (Regan Reilly Mysteries)Carol Higgins Clark
  30. Death of an Outsider M.C. Beaton
  31. Death of a DreamerM.C. Beaton
  32. Agatha Raisin and the Wellspring of DeathM.C. Beaton
  33. Murder with PeacocksDonna Andrews
  34. Click Here for Murder Donna Andrews
  35. Death at DartmoorRobin Paige
  36. Miss Zukas and the Stroke of DeathJo Dereske
  37. Lacquer Screen (Judge Dee Mysteries)Robert van Gulik
  38. The Jasmine Moon MurderLaura Childs
  39. Dying for ChocolateDiane Mott Davidson
  40. The Cereal MurdersDiane Mott Davidson
  41. Killer PancakeDiane Mott Davidson
  42. The Grilling SeasonDiane Mott Davidson
  43. Prime Cut Diane Mott Davidson
  44. Tough CookieDiane Mott Davidson
  45. Chopping SpreeDiane Mott Davidson
  46. Double ShotDiane Mott Davidson
  47. Under the Tuscan SunFrances Mayes
  48. A Good Year Peter Mayle
  49. Brick Lane Monica Ali
  50. Quite a Year for PlumsBailey White
  51. Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling FuneralKris Radish
  52. Lucy Crocker 2.0Caroline Preston
  53. Fly Solo – The 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel AloneTeresa Rodriguez Williamson
  54. Little Star of Bela LuaLuana Monteiro
  55. The Factory of CunningPhilippa Stockley
  56. Over What HillEllie Leland Wilder
  57. Older But WilderEllie Leland Wilder
  58. StillwatchMary Higgins Clark
  59. The Toughest Indian in the WorldSherman Alexie
  60. Salmon Fishing in the YemenPaul Torday
  61. Seven Houses: A NovelAlev Lytle Croutier
  62. A Jar of DreamsYoshiko Uchida
  63. Story TimeEdward Bloor
  64. WormwoodG.P. Taylor
  65. A Hole in the UniverseMary McGarry Morris
  66. Must Love DogsClaire Cook

Books worthy to be read again and again are worth their pages in gold.

  1. Undead and UnwedMary Janice Davidson
  2. Undead and UnappreciatedMary Janice Davidson
  3. The Shadow of the WindCarlos Ruiz Zafon
  4. Magyk, Septimus Heap Book 1Angie Sage
  5. Flyte, Septimus Heap Book 2Angie Sage
  6. Physik, Septimus Heap Book 3Angie Sage
  7. Queste, Septimus Heap Book 4Angie Sage
  8. Battle RoyaleKoushun Takami
  9. You Can Never Find a Rickshaw When It Monsoons: The World on One Cartoon A DayMo Willems
  10. Fablehaven (Book 2): Rise of the Evening StarBrandon Mull
  11. Fablehaven (Book 3): Grip of the Shadow PlagueBrandon Mull

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Finished reading #5 The Beasts of Clawstone CastleEva Ibbotson yesterday as I was having my nails done at home. Don’t you just love being in the Philippines enjoying excellent home service of mani-pedi? If I could have but one wish, I’d ask for Manang Celsa, my fave manikyurista, to stay long in the business so I will never have bad nails ever. *wink*