Day 8 – Drama Queen

Game for yet another chick lit from a Filipino author? Here’s another one from Abi Aquino.

Even for a struggling actress like 26-year old Kach, love doesn’t come easy. Especially if your timing is off and you miss your cue and forget to deliver the right lines at the right time…

Beautiful, talented and starving, theater actress Kach, who has a real penchant for drama, lives off the refrigerators and affection of her dearest childhood friends: Nats, a chef who has taken it upon herself to play mother to Kach, and Jorge, an overachieving research genius who balances off Kach when she starts overreacting and who gladly supplies much-needed warm hugs when her world – or her tiny Makati apartment – dramatically turns cold.

Now Kach has finally landed a legitimate role costarring an intense, sexy and brooding young stage actor named Sanchez. Their onstage chemistry quickly reaches boiling point and overflows into real-life, and suddenly Kach finds herself in a super-kilig affair, complete with snatches of smooches behind closed stage curtains.

But their romance takes a dramatic turn when Kach discovers that Sanchez isn’t tailor-made for the role of her real-life leading man…and that someone else is ready and willing to audition!

Drama Queen by Abi Aquino

This is chick lit in the real sense.

Girl gets to have a short steamy affair before realizing that she’s been kissing the Frog all this time and that Prince Charming is just within arm’s reach. With that kind of clue, you’d have guessed by now who Kach will end up with. But as I still find this story really kilig (I don’t know why when Kach is not that likeable as a female lead), I’ll let you in on a little clue (yet hoping I’m not divulging too much): some people have a way of sneaking up on you. One time, you act normally around them, not entertaining any thoughts of dating them or anything. The next, you see them in a different light and just can’t stop berating yourself for not realizing that sooner. Basta! Just read this book and enjoy! 😉

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TRIVIA: For our non-Filipino readers, basta roughly equates to “that’s it“. Some expression you use when you mean “that’s it” / can’t explain further / just take my word for it. Or so I’d like to translate (I’m no expert. Hehe) 😀